iOS App launches iOS App – Learn Vocabulary on the go, a language learning startup that lets people learn vocabulary from across the web through a free browser extension, launched its first iOS app.

The new app uses a patent-pending natural language processing technology that selects short articles from the web based on the current level of the learner as well as her personal interest. also added support for four new languages: Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese.

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Eddie Izzard Language Champion 2014

Europe needs more Language Champions like Eddie Izzard

Readers of British newspaper the Guardian were invited to nominate their public language champion of the year for the second annual award hosted by the Guardian and the British Academy.

The judges chose comedian Eddie Izzard from a list of nominees that included the manager of Bayern Munich football club Pep Guardiola, and the UK’s deputy prime minister Nick Clegg.

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Skype Translator Preview

Skype Translator Preview features Connected Classrooms at Launch

Cross-published on EDUKWEST.

Skype today officially launched the Skype Translator Preview with a video showing how the technology can be used to connect classrooms across the globe. In the demo a class from Tacoma in the USA and a class from Mexico City play a game of “Mystery Skype”, asking each other questions to determine in which city they are located respectively.

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Ottoman Language

Turkish President Erdogan wants to revive the Ottoman Language

Cross-published on EDUKWEST Europe.

Language learning apps might soon have another language to cover: Ottoman. Turkey’s president Tayyip Erdogan declared on Monday at a press conference that the Ottoman language should be taught in schools to prevent younger generations from losing touch with their cultural heritage, reports Reuters.

Politicians in the opposition as well as teachers and academics see this as an attack on the secularist principles of the Turkish republic and accuse Erdogan and Turkey’s religious council of trying to reshape the school system along religious lines.

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Studying in London

Great Free Resources for Learning British English

As you know, there are different dialects of English around the world like British English, American English, Australian and so on. In most cases it does not really matter which English dialect you learn as long as you try to stick with it and don’t mix up different Englishes. When you learn English as a second language in school, in the vast majority of cases, you’re either taught British or American English.

However, the situation changes when it comes to studying in London or working in New York City. Dialects, accents, a slightly different vocabulary and grammar can play an important role as proper spelling might have an effect on your grades at university or your coworkers will simply understand you better when you talk the way they are used to, may it be in a British or American accent or the use of certain words and vocabulary .

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