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YouAndI School brings Tutoring Marketplace to Facebook

YouAndI School

Who says you can’t find something interesting in the Facebook sidebar? In fact I found two interesting new services in the language space over the past two weeks. But let me start with YouAndI School.

YouAndI School is a new tutoring marketplace that is entirely embedded in Facebook, no external website. Everything from finding a tutor, communication, scheduling and payment is handled inside this Facebook app. There are also community features like uploading & sharing articles, answering questions, sharing videos and finding new friends.

For learners looking for a class there is a search interface that lets you search by subject, location etc. Classes are separated by local and online. Learners who then want to enroll in a class need to buy credits from YouAndI School. Those credits can be purchased via PayPal.

As for most marketplaces, tutors are able to set their own pricing, travel and cancellation policy, class schedule and so on. Tutors pay a 15% commission when a student books for one of their classes though there is a special offer for new tutors at the moment. If they sign up for an YouAndI School tutor account until October 31st they get 40% off those 15% for six months.

The payment of the tutor is actually pretty interesting. There are three different payment methods available.

  1. Flexible-priced (pay-as-you-go) The student and tutor agree on an hourly rate. After each lesson the student will then be charged based on the length of the lesson. For example, if the lesson price is $40 and the lesson was 45 minutes long the student gets charged $30.
  2. Fixed-priced The student and teacher agree on a number of hours at an hourly rate in advance.
  3. Lesson cancellation The tutor can charge a fee in case a lesson is cancelled.

In order to get paid the tutor needs to write a review after each lesson and send it to the student.

All in all, it looks like a pretty decent marketplace app and I like the different payment methods. Of course, it is hard to say if there are learners using the service. If you a learner you will find a good choice of different tutors, already. Most of them offer online classes, as well.

If you have already used YouAndI School as a learner or tutor, leave a comment. We would love to learn more about it.

  • Jason R Levine

    I anticipate we’ll be seeing more and more educational services like this cropping up on FB in the months to come!

    • I anticipate that most of them won’t succeed. I remember a service that tried the same in 2008 already. We’ll see how this one goes.

  • Victoria

    Looks promising so I just checked it out.. unfortunately, the rates for the German tutors that I searched for (both online and local) are really high (Lesson Fee : $45.00 USD per hour) or I would have liked to try the service out.

    • From my experience it is only a matter of time for rates to go down. The more tutors join, the more competitive the platform will be in terms of pricing. Maybe is something for you.