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Want to join our growing family of writers and language guides? We are always looking for language tutors, teachers, other professionals in the language learning space and learners who would like to share their knowledge and experiences with our growing readership from around the globe.

Writer or Language Guide?

Fair Languages currently offers two ways to participate and share your knowledge: writer and language guide. The major difference between the two is the time you are able to commit to writing for Fair Languages.

As a writer you are free to submit posts whenever you want and how often you want.

As a Fair Languages Guide you should have an agenda and at least be able to post once a week. As you are guiding your readers through the language you are teaching/covering, consistency and a roadmap for your posts are a crucial element of building an audience.

In general, writers and language guides can write about whatever suits them best. Of course, you should keep in mind that your article needs to be useful, informative or a practical help to learners or fellow language teachers.

Get exposure and quality leads

Fair Languages wants to get you and your expertise in front of our growing audience. This is especially interesting if you are an independent language tutor, teacher or coach. Every article features a detailed bio with back-links to your website / blog or teacher profile on a platform as well as links to your social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Writing for Fair Languages is a great way to showcase your knowledge about the language you teach which is a great advertisement for your teaching services. Fair Languages won’t interfere with your potential student connection in any sense. There are no fees or commissions to pay when you receive a lead from our side.

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