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Learn Out Live eBooks

If you are interested in either learning German or Hebrew and need something to read I suggest that you check out Learn Out Live’s current offer. If you commit yourself to writing a review in 21 days you can pick one of André Klein’s ebooks and he’ll send it to you for free. Yes, that’s free as in free beer.

André Klein has a lot of experience teaching languages on the Internet and started his own business Learn Out Live which today features a really insightful blog in which André explains the art of earning a living as an online teacher, a free online teacher directory and much more.

About a year ago André moved more and more towards becoming an independent self-published author and his different books soon became popular amongst self guided learners.

So here is your chance to grab one of his books for free in return for a review on Amazon. For German learners there are for example Fred der Fisch, Bert das Buch, Peter und das Huhn for a beginner or children or detective stories like Mord am Morgen or Die dritte Hand. All books feature artwork by André Klein, vocabulary lists and audio downloads.

For Hebrew learners there are books like The Hebrew Alphabet, Learn Hebrew with Stories and Pictures, Learning Basic Biblical Hebrew and 5 Hebrew Dialogs.

This promotion will end on September 10th, so hurry up and pick your favorite today. Make sure to share this promotion with your friends, as well.

There are not enough independent publishers in the language learning space, therefore I think we need to support the ones we have. As André says, his books are all crafted independently and with love without any corporate additives. So please support independent publishing by writing a review in return to make sure that independent authors like André can keep on writing great and affordable material for language learners.

  • I am reviewing a basic Hebrew book by Eti. It is beautifully laid out and multi-media enabled.