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Ginger Software

When you’re like me and English is not your native language, you have most likely experienced the feeling of doubt when writing an email: you know what you want to say, but sometimes you have some doubt about whether this or that vocabulary is the perfect work in a particular situation. Or, when the email is very important, you want to be sure that everything is 100% correct in terms of grammar and spelling.

Last year, I worked with a startup that focuses on exactly that: Ginger Software. Today, the Ginger team released a new 70 sec promo video of their improved product.

Ginger’s objective is to help you avoid embarrassing mistakes by using their Grammar and Spell Checker.

What is the Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker?

The Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker is contextual which means it analyzes your words, spelling and sentence structure based on the entire sentence and not in isolated segments. It also gets smarter over time as the complex algorithm learns from all the sentences users around the world are checking with the software.

In which ecosystem does it work?

Ginger corrects your grammar and spelling mistakes in MS-Word, Outlook, PowerPoint. It will also work directly in your Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browser though I had some issues with using it in the latter.

Where and how can I try Ginger  out?

If you go on the website you’ll see two boxes framed in grey. In the left box you’ll see the sentence “Let’s grab a bear”. Of course, bear is not really what you meant. Therefore, “bear” is written in red letters. If you then look on the right side, you’ll see Ginger’s suggestion. Let’s grab a “beer” with beer as the corrected word in blue letter.

You can try it out yourself by typing any sentence you can think of in the left box.

Ginger Software Example

Simply push:

  1. “Try yourself” in the middle, between the two boxes.
  2. Then type your proper sentence in the left box .
  3. My sentence was: “I am agree”.
  4. Push the Ginger it! button in the middle.
  5. The corrected sentence almost instantly appears in the box on the right. I agree!

Optional: copy and paste, i.e. copy the content of an email and insert it into the field.

How much does Ginger cost?

The Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker is free. Just click the “Get Ginger” button to download.

There are premium options namely a text-to-speech-reader or an option to improve your English online, for currently $89 (down from $149). Ginger also has special offers for schools and organizations.

How we like Ginger at Fair Languages

Knowing the early product, the Ginger team has made some good progress. The user experience is much nicer now and users have to make less effort to get your stuff corrected. MAC users are still not served.

Will you get a 100% correct result, all the time?

I would say you get the right answer for almost any sentence. So far, any human and any machine or algorithm are without fail.

Should I consider to buy the Ginger premium package?

This depends on your objectives. If you want to simultaneously learn English online and you don’t want / need a teacher, it might be a good option. The text-to-speech-reader will also be appealing to some people.

I think, $89 (discounted) is a good deal for what you get. And, as mentioned above, schools and organizations also get special deals.

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    you can set the level of check, e.g. high school, collegian

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