Arabic Web Days

With Arabic Web Days Google Wants to Create a Vibrant Arabic Web

Arabic Web Days

Though Arabic is the fastest growing language on the Internet there is still only a small percentage of content available in the language. According to Google just 3 percent of the global online content is in Arabic today while about 5 percent of the global population are Arabic native speakers.

In order to boost the creation of digital content in Arabic, Google launched the Arabic Web Days this week, an initiative in the Middle East and North Africa that aims to build a vibrant Arabic web.

Google and its partners Vinelab, Wamda, Yamli and Taghreedat, as well as Twitter, Wikipedia, TED, Soundcloud, and regional organizations Al Arabiya, TwoFour54 and Qatar Foundation’s Qatari Computing Research Institute are going to hold a series of online and offline events over the coming thirty days including a celebration of a National Arabic Web Day on 12/12/12.

The events include a series of Hangouts on Google+ in which industry experts give tips and tricks on contributing Arabic content to the web in the form of online journalism, YouTube videos, Wikipedia editing, translation of English content, SEO and more.

There will be a YouTube Tweet Up in Doha, Qatar on December 15 to learn how to create viral Arabic videos and make money through YouTube and Tajseed is holding a competition on Arabic infographics.

TED, twofour54 and Taghreedat are looking for volunteers to be part of a TED initiative to create quality Arabic digital content via Arabic subtitling during a kickoff event in Abu Dhabi on December 4.

There will be a developer training at g|days in Jordan on December 5-6 and Egypt on December 9-10 to learn about Arabic localization, webmaster tools, SEO and YouTube for Business.

The Egyptian Ministry of Education wants you to learn more about its educational channels on YouTube which include different curricula from first to twelfth grade, as well as e-Lessons via video and Google+ Hangouts.

Of course, the Arabic Web Days have a homepage dedicated to the project entirely in Arabic and Google also launched a new blog in Arabic. If you want to support the mission you can add the Arabic Web Days badge to your site, upload a video to YouTube, and follow Arabic Web Days on Google+ and Twitter.

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