UberEnglish Rio de Janeiro

Book your English-speaking Uber driver in Latin America thanks to Duolingo

When you’re traveling Colombia or planning on visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the Olympics this summer, organizing your commute just got one step easier.

Last September, language learning app Duolingo and ride sharing service Uber partnered to offer English-speaking drivers to foreigners and tourists in Bogota, Colombia. Thanks to the success in Colombia the service got extended to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in February 2016.

The new service is called UberEnglish and you can now directly request a Duolingo certified English-speaking driver via the Uber app in both countries. Through the partnership Uber has outsourced the individual interview process to test whether a driver is capable of communicating in English. According to Duolingo, more than 1,000 drivers have opted to learn English and take the test in Colombia, and more than 1,400 drivers have already signed up in Rio.

In 2014, the company established its Duolingo Test Center which offers a $20 low cost language test and certification which ultimately wants to compete with TOEFL and other more costly English exams.

Applicants can test their English proficiency remotely, using a mobile device or a PC; Uber has agreed to cover cost for the certification. For those who want to take a free shot, there is also a so called free quick test available.

Picture by Higor de Padua Vieira Neto via Flickr