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Tools to Learn Spanish #2 – Practicing Spanish with Lyrics Training

We all like music and this is something we cannot deny. Classical music, pop, rock, folklore… we have a huge variety to choose. And the use of songs and music in the classroom is widely common among most language teachers. When using a song, we teachers usually prepare vocabulary, grammar, or listening exercises. I remember learning English in my language school and filling the blanks with the appropriate form of the verb to be (yes, rather easy ☺)

Music helps our students to relax, to be more confident about the exercise we aim, and we can do a lot of exercises after listening, from asking what the song is about to making a lip-dub.

Today I want to present you one of my recent discoveries in listening to songs:

2. Practicing your Spanish with Lyrics Training

lyrics training

This site follows the classical activity of filling the blanks with the word you hear. You have a lot of languages to choose, and different levels. When opening the site today, it highlights a song in Portuguese (Brasil variety) and Easy Level.

Lyrics Training SpanishIf we choose Spanish, we will find a lot of different songs, and with different accents. You can find Shakira, Pitbull, or El Canto del Loco. Spanish from Colombia, Argentina, Mexico or Spain. And as you may guess, the objective is to get as many points as you can.

Once you select your song, the video will start and then you have to choose one of the three game modes: beginner, intermediate or expert. You only have to fill in the blanks with the appropriate word as you listen.

So, up to this point, it’s rather simple and similar to what we prepare for our students. What is then the difference? Well, with Lyrics Training, you have to write the word to continue with the music. It’s automatic! If you don’t write, the music stops! But, you can make the system to repeat the previous line. You only need the arrows in the keyboard to move through the song.

Lyrics Training Spanish

Why do I like it?

Because it is really fun! I love music, and I love working with songs in my classes. The students can learn a lot of new words, how to pronounce them, and there is always the challenge to win as many points as you can. Moreover, you don’t need to stop the song and rewind it to hear again. The system will do it for you.

However, we cannot choose the word we have to write. When preparing a listening exercise, teachers choose the word with a precise objective: it’s an irregular verb, or a past participle, or because they have a specific meaning. In Lyrics Training the system will choose the word for you. And sometimes it is really, really easy.

Would I recommend it?

Yes! You have to try it! Here you have a link to one of the songs I uploaded. Yes, I know, it is not a new song 😉

¡Hasta pronto!