iOS App launches iOS App – Learn Vocabulary on the go, a language learning startup that lets people learn vocabulary from across the web through a free browser extension, launched its first iOS app.

The new app uses a patent-pending natural language processing technology that selects short articles from the web based on the current level of the learner as well as her personal interest. also added support for four new languages: Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese.

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how many words does a native english speaker know

How many Words does a Native Speaker know?

I came across this interesting question yesterday in a Facebook group about, you guessed it, languages. How many words do you know in your language? My first guess was about 3000, arguing that we need to know about 1500 words to speak a foreign language at a decent level. Hence, I assumed that about twice as many words would be OK for a native speaker.

After some research I have to say that I was quite far off! Taking the example of the vocabulary of a well educated native English speaker we are between 13.000 and 20.000 word families. A word family consists of a base word and its inflected forms and derivations. For example, when you know the meaning of time, you also know timely, timer, time zone etc.

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Twitter vocabulary in context

How to use Twitter to learn Vocabulary in Context

Here is an easy way to enhance your vocabulary learning. It is important that when you learn vocabulary you learn it in context. Just cramming the words won’t get you far as our brain needs more information in order to store the learned words more efficiently.

Most vocabulary lists are simply tables with two collums, one side the new vocabulary, the other side the translation. But what we need is the vocabulary in a sentence in order to retain it. And even if you have a book that offers example sentences, those sentences are often constructed and don’t reflect the every day life.

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