Are you a King or a Prisoner? The Danger of Reliance

A few months ago, I started writing an article with the stated purpose of inspiring more native English speakers to open their eyes to the potential in language study. The cause is an everlasting one, often considered peripheral by Brits and Americans, and continually overlooked. I drew the picture of monolingualism as a prison, and almost hesitated to publish the words because this is such a strong image. Prisoners are trapped because of choices they have made, or situations they have found themselves in. They are stigmatised, struggling for hope and expected to mend their ways.

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How to Be Yourself On Teaching Tube TV.

Another chapter in my creative Edupreneur series

Every once in a while, I emerge from my nerding cave to get a whiff of what my colleagues are up to online. There is never a dull moment. These days it’s particularly exciting. I say ‘nerding cave’, because I am at heart, a reader, writer and researcher, as well as teacher. I write content, blog, plan. I am also writing ebooks and making my way into publishing.

All of this is great, but what about the showmanship, sharing, and great social clout of teaching on YouTube? Perhaps in future I will follow the footsteps of some of my amazing colleagues who embraced YouTube from the start – right now, I’m happy to observe and describe their YouTube exploits.

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english curriculum

New English Curriculum digs deep into the Language aims to raise Standards

A rigorous new English curriculum known as “Learning English in action” is a new k-12 teaching approach introduced in December by a group of educators whose mission is to raise the quality of education for all learners, regardless of their language proficiency.

Headed by School of Education Professor, Kenji Hakuta, and with the involvement of educators across the United States with expertise in disciplinary knowledge, language learning and instructional improvement, the Understanding Language initiative will officially launch a pilot effort in Denver, Charolotte-Mecklenburg, N.C. and Chicago starting in January.

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