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Tools to Learn Spanish #2 – Practicing Spanish with Lyrics Training

We all like music and this is something we cannot deny. Classical music, pop, rock, folklore… we have a huge variety to choose. And the use of songs and music in the classroom is widely common among most language teachers. When using a song, we teachers usually prepare vocabulary, grammar, or listening exercises. I remember learning English in my language school and filling the blanks with the appropriate form of the verb to be (yes, rather easy ☺)

Music helps our students to relax, to be more confident about the exercise we aim, and we can do a lot of exercises after listening, from asking what the song is about to making a lip-dub.

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sitcoms to learn english

Top 5 Sitcoms to Watch with your Students to Learn English

The following is a list of top 5 TV shows that I believe are useful to helping students improve their English:

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learn english through jokes

How To Learn English Through Jokes

I have been teaching English for almost five years now. I taught students in both China and Canada. The one method I enjoy teaching English the most is by way of telling jokes. When one usually lectures or teaches you never really know if the student fully understands what is being spoken or taught.

Whenever I explain the lesson through a joke I know the students get the point when I hear them laughing. I find laughter to be a confirmation that the student has fully acknowledged what has been taught to them.

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