Romanagiri is the new Youth Language in India

Romanagri, have you heard of this language? It is a new language used by young people across India. The interesting thing is the evolution of this language is different from the other languages.

Languages traditionally developed through gradual accumulation of words and syntax and spread through the brain and the tongue. Romanagri, a protmanteau of English and Hindi, changes and proliferates via cell phones rather than speech. Romanagri is a natural language among young Indians, but confusing to English language purist.

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European Languages

Most European Languages Face Digital Extinction

If we talk about endangered languages we usually think of indigenous languages that are spoken by only a small group of people. Therefore the study titled “Europe’s Languages in the Digital Age” by META-NET was a bit of a surprise to many, myself included.

It seems as if most European languages face “digital extinction” in the years to come. And that does not only include languages like Latvian, Lithuanian or Maltese but also German, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish!

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