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Language Learning Community Livemocha to Shut Down on April 22nd

Livemocha, formerly the largest language learning community on the Internet with over 16 million registered learners, will shut down its service on April 22nd.

Founded in 2007, Livemocha was among the first platforms that offered a mix of community-based and self-paced learning with free online courses. After struggling to transition into mobile apps Livemocha was acquired by Rosetta Stone in 2013 for $8.5 million.

Last year, the remaining team launched a new version of the Livemocha learning platform but apparently the product does not fit into Rosetta Stone’s new education and enterprise-centric strategy anymore. Also, other language learning communities have surpassed Livemocha in terms of registered users by far. Babbel and busuu both claim to have north of 40 million users, Duolingo even more than 110 million.

Below is the message send out to Livemocha users.

As a Livemocha member and a language enthusiast, you’ve helped build a very special community. Over the past number of years, Livemocha has sparked countless conversations and connections among millions of language lovers around the world.

Unfortunately, the Livemocha community will close permanently on Friday, April 22, 2016, and you will no longer be able to access your account after that date.

We highly encourage you to remain engaged, make friends, use those remaining beans, and build life long memories with us for the next few weeks.

Because we appreciate you and remain committed to your language learning success we invite you to download our award winning mobile application; Learn Languages with Rosetta Stone from any of these leading application stores for free and try any of the 24 languages it offers:

Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store

Don’t worry if you are still on a traditional computer – try this.

We have some very exciting things planned for our language learning suite and we hope you will choose to stay with us through this journey.

The Rosetta Stone / Livemocha Team

Question: Were you still using Livemocha and if you did, where will you go now for community interaction? Do you know of other interesting language learning communities on the Internet? Let us know in the comments!

Picture by _Tasmo via Flickr

  • Artie Duncanson

    There’s a new language program in it’s test phase called Viglo. They only focus on speaking, but it’s pretty neat. You have a character and you walk around a 3D environment and simply speak with other using only the language you are learning. If you don’t know how to say something, there’s a translator bar that you can use. What’s even cooler is that I was practicing French, while the person I was playing with was learning Spanish, but every message you send gets translated into whatever language the other player is learning, so you can chat with anyone learning any language. It’s a really neat concept.