listening comprehension

Improving French Listening Comprehension: Anything Short Will Do

listening comprehension

I am always in search of videos on the Internet to help my clients improve their French listening comprehension and increase their vocabulary.

Since an hour lesson is too short to watch a movie and work on it, I particularly favor anything short. Thus, I spend countless hours surfing on the web and watching videos to select the best.

Here is a selection of my favorite sites.

1- Short films

Les Courts Métrages

One of the most comprehensive sites of short film, “les courts métrages” offers a wide range.  Some of the animated movies (les films d’animation) are silent which can be very useful to make the learner talk about what he/she sees on the screen. For example Holy Sheep and this short film of about 5 minutes with english subtitles titles Cahuetes Choco.


Another great site for short films and web series.


The web presence of the well-known TV channel Arte is a great source of  countless videos.

2 – Trailers and Short Sequences

Extrait de Film

This site features many snippets from movies classified by theme (action, drama, etc) as well as documentaries.
Watch this documentary titled “le pouvoir de l’eau”.

Allo Cine

On this site you can watch trailers and also talk shows like “les émissions d’Allociné”.
For example, “la Minute”  features interviews with actors.

3 – Videos

United States of Paris

This is a great blog with videos which portray expats living in Paris. Watch these two: Un américain à Paris and Une argentine à Paris.


I am not sure if this website is still active but it features great, short interviews. You can choose to show the subtitles in french.  Here is a selection:

Micro Trottoir

There is a great series of videos, Micro trottoir,  that can be found on YouTube: just type “micro trottoir” and you will see a few of them. I posted some on my blog and added the transcript for each of them.

Une oeuvre à la loupe

For those of my clients who like art, I found this:  “une oeuvre à la loupe” on the Télérama site. As an example, watch this interview about a Monet painting “Bassins aux nymphéas “. I added the transcript on my blog.

J’en crois pas mes yeux

On, there is a very interesting series of videos called “j’en crois pas mes yeux”. They come with french subtitles. Watch this one: J’m’y connais.

7 millards d’Autres

On this site, select the category ‘short films’ or ‘podcasts’, then a theme and listen to short interviews. You will have to look for the ones in French.

These 3 sites are well-known and full of listening resources: TV5Culturebox and
Watch this interview of  french writer Françoise Sagan’s son and this one on in which Bernard Pivot (french journalist and member of the Académie Goncourt) asks his guests what particular french word they hate.

4- Commercials

Commercials are an awesome way to learn new expressions. Two great sites are Culture Pub and Here is a commercial for the french car Renault Megane.

5- Songs

Finally, we cannot learn french without the wide and wonderful repertoire of french songs. There are many websites available and you just have to google to easily find them. I will just mention one of my favorite on Le Figaro site.

Picture by jppi via Morguefile

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