Kindle Immersion Reading

Immersion Reading on the new Kindle Fire – Great Feature for Language Learners

Kindle Immersion Reading

Yesterday Amazon presented its new lineup of Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fire tablets in Los Angeles. Besides a very aggressive pricing strategy with Kindles starting at $69 and the Kindle Fire HD starting at $199 the new devices come with a lot of new features.

One particularly interesting for language learners is called Whispersync for Voice and the related Immersion Reading.

We’ve pointed you to the importance of immersion when it comes to language learning as well as the positive effects of listening to audio books or music when you are working out. The new Whispersync is a great feature for every language learner who likes to use books as learning material. And thanks to the Kindle apps you can use Whispersync on your iOS device or in your car as well.

One advantage is that the ebook version and the audio version are automatically synced via all your devices. This means that Kindle knows where you stopped reading the ebook and when you are listening to the audio version on your way to work, it will automatically restart where you left. Simply switch back and forth between your ebook and the Audible version.

Amazon is also offering 26 free books you can try with Whispersync including classics like Moby Dick, Alice in Wonderland or The Three Musketeers.

Immersion Reading works on all new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD devices. It syncs the Audible narration with the ebook and you also get real time highlighting in the text. This is really great for language learners as they can train their reading and listening comprehension at the same time while using their favorite books.

Nearly 15.000 titles on Amazon are already available for this new combination that enables any ebook buyer to add the audio narrated version from Audible for just $3.95.

So if you are thinking about buying a new tablet device, the new Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD really offer some great features thanks to the Amazon ecosystem you won’t get on other devices.

  • Wow! This hits “spot on” for an upcoming KISS episode.

  • Erik_Andersen

    Kay – –

    I took a look at the free versions of the audio book available alongside these. There was a limited choice, but having the audio version available for books will be a great addition.Especially when it comes in German.

    I’m an intermediate German learner and have just started to use audiobooks to enhance my learning. And I thought just the other day, wouldn’t it be great to be able to read along as I was listening, as I often misunderstand the pronunciation or fall behind the reader as I struggle to understand what was said. So far I cover that off a bit by repeated listenings.

    I’ve had a look at and can’t really tell if they are supporting the WhisperSync concept. Especially since the price for the audio book and eBook are about the same, instead of the $3.95 indicated for WhisperSync. I wait with bated breath for an opportunity to use WhisperSync auf Deutsch!

    Very exciting. Thanks for alerting me!

    Cheers… Erik