how to find creative commons images

How to find Creative Commons Images using Google Image Search

how to find creative commons images

In today’s Fair Languages How-To video George is showing you how to find creative commons images using the Google Image Search. Now you might ask yourself what this has to do with language learning. Well, let me give you some examples.

If you are a language teacher and you create learning material on your own, you might find it useful to add some pictures to your slides or pdfs. Many teachers forget that most images on the Internet are not public domain which means that you cannot use them without a problem. Either you would need to pay royalties to the rights owner or it is simply forbidden to use them in your own material.

The best option for teachers and students is to use creative commons licensed images. Depending on the licence the artist chooses, you are free to use them, modify them and even resell them if you choose to charge for your course or ebook which uses such images, for example.

Another example when cc images come in handy are flashcards. As you know, the new Study Blue iPad app enables you to add pictures to your flashcard sets. If you then choose to share your sets with the Study Blue community you need to be sure that all these images are actually free to share, otherwise you might get in trouble if a rights owner finds out about it.

Therefore, make sure to learn how to find creative commons pictures to use for your blog, learning material or flashcards.

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