Google Translate for Andriod

Google Translate for Android now works with Pictures

Google Translate for Andriod

Google Translate for Android has a new feature. You can now take a picture of a text and have it translated. After you have taken the picture you need to brush the text to translate. The new feature works in Czech, Dutch, German, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Spanish, French.

Google Translate for AndroidTo me it seems as if Google is testing the usage of the camera function here, if people will use the feature at all and how often. Brushing the text in order to get a translation seems a bit ham-handed, especially in an app that features the famous conversation mode. It should not be that big of a deal for Google to include a working OCR in the app, as well.

But of course we need to keep in mind that Google Translate for Android is a free app. And for what it is already offering, one cannot really complain.

For the new feature to work, the Android device needs to run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later and a good Internet connection is also recommended.

via TechCrunch