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German Hacks Episode 0 – Introduction

German HacksHi, my name is Kirsten Winkler and this is German Hacks.

Some of you might know me from my other German project Deutsch Happen which is a YouTube video series I started more than four years ago.

Before I explain what German Hacks is all about, let’s talk about the process of learning a new language. It is an exciting journey and there are lots of benefits to it. The obvious one is being able to communicate with people of a different mother tongue, but also a new cultural understanding and it also has positive effects on your brain which stays fits when being trained.

That said, I’m also sure that almost every one of you has experienced moments of frustration when language learning become a tedious process, especially when learning grammar.

And German is no different in that aspect! Being a rather structured language, you can spend hours learning about tiny little differences and nuances. Even the basic grammar rules often get students to the point where they’d rather poke their eyes with a pointy stick. And let’s face it, most German teachers insist on learning all the basics before they lead you to your actual goal: speaking German.

German Hacks is not at all about this type of learning! It follows the minimum effort maximum effect approach. Don’t get me wrong: as a German native speaker and language coach I truly appreciate any learner’s efforts to speak and write proper German. But sometimes (most of the time?) it is simply not necessary to get into the tiniest details in order to achieve a good level of fluency in German.

With the German Hacks minimal effort maximum effect approach you’ll be able to concentrate on the important points of effectively speaking German. We hack the language, take out the parts that you won’t need most of the time or that are simply not efficient. Instead we will learn simple concepts and rules of thumb that will get you through everyday conversations easily.

German Hacks is for the 80% of learners who simply want to communicate in German and don’t have the objective to become a specialist in German studies not to say the next Goethe or Schiller. And if you think about it, this is also true for most Germans.

In the German Hacks series I share some practical advice with you on how to make the process of learning German as a foreign language more efficient and more fun, hence to show you the areas it’s really worth putting your effort in and get measurable results.

As I said, this is to break down some of the anxiety and frustration that might occur at some points in the learning process, and using German Hacks you’ll be fine in 80% of all everyday-life situations. Of course, if you then really feel you want to go for the last 20% I encourage you to definitely do so!

I hope, I got you a bit excited about this new project. I surely am! Next week we are going to talk about hacking the past tense in German.

Take care everyone, tschüss, bye bye!

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