Frank Underwood’s Southern Accent Explained

One of the biggest advantages of streaming services like Netflix is that you can watch TV shows in their original language. While it can be tough sometimes to get used to the different regional dialects and accents, you get an excellent overview of how differently English is spoken across the globe. From Peaky Blinders to Downton Abbey, from Fargo to Breaking Bad, there is a lot to get used to.

Being a German native, I have to trust the actors that their accent is in fact from Canada, Birmingham, Australia or the Southern United States. Vox did an interesting breakdown of Kevin Spacey’s southern accent in House of Cards. And while it may sound perfectly southern to me, there seem to be some issues with it. For a deep dive into the story, make sure to head over to Vox.

Bonus: Vox also did a breakdown of real-life politician Bernie Sanders’ New York accent.