flashcards deluxe review

Flashcards Deluxe Review: Easy, Powerful and Inexpensive

flashcards deluxe review

There are numerous flashcards apps  and I certainly didn’t test them all. Among the ones that I looked at, Flashcards Deluxe ( from Ernest Thomason of OrangeorApple.com) stands above the rest.

The one thing I particularly like with Flashcards Deluxe is its interface with quizlet.com (and flashcardexchange.com ) which makes it a convenient, powerful yet incredibly cheap ($3.99) iPhone/iTouch/iPad flashcard application for language (or any other subjects) learning.

Flashcards Deluxe


  • You can download decks created by others although I rarely recommend this option as I believe one step to memorize vocabulary is to actually write the words yourself.
  • you can create your own flashcards in a text editor or a spreadsheet on your computer and then download it via several methods including google docs and dropbox.
  • you can create your own flashcards at quizlet.com or flashcardexchange.con. I personally use Quizlet which is free and uses advanced text-to-speech software for its audio. You can hear how the word is pronounced.
  • you can create your own flashcards within the app itself  and then back them up to your computer.
  • There are two advanced  study modes: “short term Goal ” and “Spaced Repetition” that help control the pace of your studying.
  • 3 response levels: Wrong, I kind of know, I know really well , that allow you to keep practicing the cards you need to and skip the ones you know well.
  • Your cards can have multiple sides for more information if needed which is great to add example sentences to put words into context.
  • Many more features including: text to speech audio, spelling tests,  pictures and sounds,  decks combining, option to create categories and folders, option to move and copy cards between decks….

Some features I would like to see:

  • a color option by card depending on some characteristic of the word like the gender of the noun (useful for example in french and german)
  • option to export back to quizlet or google doc although I think the option was not long ago added at least as far as quizlet is concerned.

How I use it with my clients:

With  my clients who don’t have time (and willingness…) to create the cards themselves, I log on to quizlet on my computer and create a set with the words and expressions we have seen during the session.

Then, I add the set of cards in “my shared decks” which allows them to quickly access it directly on their iPhone or iPad within the app.  They can now study and practice as they want. They love it !

In case you are not convinced, try the free lite version. Ernest is regularly posting updates on his blog as well as answering any questions.