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English – the Breakfast of Champions

english breakfast

Athletes compete better with English. So says a report from the China Daily news.

I would not tell you that English is a great system for enhancing your athletic abilities. I will tell you that English can enhance your performance for some surprising reasons. The China Daily news recently interviewed several Olympic athletes who attended the London Olympics. Based on the athlete’s responses we can definitely say that, at the least, it enhanced their career goals.

Winners like Xu Lijia (a sailor) and Li Xiaopeng (gymnast) attest to the value of English when competing at an international level.

When Xu was only 14 years old, she found herself in a scoring dispute. Not being able to express herself in English, she lost her argument and her standing in a contested race. If she had been able to adequately express her version of what happened, things may have turned out differently . Over time she did learn English. This allowed her to share her experience with the BBC after a gold medal. She is also held highly amongst her countrymen because of her fluency in English and is eagerly sought after as a celebrity, world wide.

Li, a gold winner in gymnastics, found that a daily regimen of sporting related vocabulary enhanced his ability to perform. Much of current gymnastic discussions and new methods for performance enhancements are discussed amongst English centric sites and publications. Without the ability to access these, he would have remained at a disadvantage.

Many athletes report that, beyond the sport, learning English enhances other career goals beyond the immediate games. Huang Xuechen, a swimmer hopes to use her skills to branch into a job after she retires from Olympic competition. Both as an international coach and to pursue education in Western Universities, she is satisfied that English will be the basis for many opportunities later in life.

English may certainly relate to an immediate need with your current goals and objectives. Can you look beyond the “now” and find some other benefits to learning English? As these athletes have attested, English can have lifelong implications for your consideration.

via China Daily | Picture by André Zahn, via Wikimedia Commons