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English KISS Episode 0 – Introduction

English KISS PodcastThis continuing series shall share  practical and simple methods for learning English with little effort. Easy is not a goal as “easy” usually ends up being sloppy or less than what you truly need. The authors do not wish to make you into English teachers, rather we will suggest many (over 100) tried methods for improving your learning. Each will take some effort to apply, but we only expect you to keep those that feel right for you. After a year of following these postings, you should have 10 new habits that make continued learning seem effortless.

The ideas and techniques will not be similar to anything you remember from school. We are purposely staying away from traditional approaches. Why? Because, if they worked you would not be here reading this. This is “English for the rest of us”. We do not fit into the traditional mold and must find a way to achieve our English learning goals in a new way.

Many of these ideas will seem strange. But Hello? They are not from your school or normal classroom experience. We will also ask you to trust us (when you can) and try some of these crazy ideas. The point is, the lead author (George) is all about outcomes and building skills. NOT about logical systems that academics have pushed which have not worked for you.  We only care about what works, not why it works. Even more than that, what works for YOU.

First tip: There is no such thing as “the best” method for learning anything. Only what A) works for you. And, B.) what you are able/willing to follow diligently to receive the results.  Hence, we will be introducing many things for you to try. We also ask you to send in your tips. What works for you? Is there an article which you found, your own successful tip, or even a video about one?  If you wish to become a guest author, that would be great also. We will be happy to clean it up if you are concerned about your writing skills.

Today’s author is George, he teaches spoken English in live-online classes at the My ESL Friends – Edupunk English Course.

Next week: English KISS Episode #1 – Easy is a habit

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  • Professional, educational and so YOU George.

    • Thanks Sylvia. Kay added the rap, totally not me but they are the editors. Maybe we can get Jason to make us a short collo rap for our theme song. Or I will submit my Olympic theme with Kazoo orchestra for consideration. LOL

  • We really would like to know about the tips that help you. Please send your ideas/tips to gmachlan@gmail.com

  • @facebook-100000649413183:disqus, I totally agree with you! Coach George innovative, fresh ideas and the way he can translate those in a simple but not “sloppy” way it’s a gift to the English Language, teaching and learning it!

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  • Hi,

    George’s techniques are certainly
    to be recommended all over the world, his approach is the only effective

    I highly recommend George’s
    English classes. Moreover, his reading performance is just excellent.

    For various reasons, listening to
    him could be taken as the best English lesson.

    Everybody should give it a try
    and find for himself.

    It’s such a pity, that not very
    many teachers talk students into this kind of learning.

    I articulated my teaching methods
    many times before, as well as, described and presented my successful language

    In my view, encouraging learners
    to become active participants is the best way to make them speak foreign


  • ” … learning English with little effort.”???? This is a completely wrong statement. Learning English requires effort, a lot of effort.

    • On one level I agree with you, especially by academic means. But if it is a game and becomes a fun activity (like singing along with a song on the radio), would that be a “large” effort?