Jason R. Levine Fluency MC

ELT through Rhythm and Rhyme: Collocation, Critical Thinking and 3 Rs

Jason R. Levine Fluency MC

Jason R. Levine, better known as Fluency MC, is going to host a free webinar on collocation, critical thinking and his unique teaching method on WizIQ this Saturday, August 18th 2012. Below you can see an example of ELT through rhythm and rhyme.

In this presentation, participants will discover how songs based on the repetitive input of collocations can promote accurate and fluent use of language and foster critical thinking skills in English language learners. Following a brief presentation of the ColloLearn approach, we will view and discuss segments of music videos and other materials created by the presenter.

After earning an MA in TESOL from Hunter College in 1999, Jason R. Levine taught at several schools before becoming director of curriculum development for Embassy CES. Then, in 2002, he co-founded a TOEFL prep and English conversation school for international students in Manhattan. he is currently academic director of CAMPUS Education, a group of privately-owned English language schools based in New York City.

This year, Jason wrote the chants for the upcoming edition of the Oxford English Picture Dictionary for Kids. Jason is currently writing the chants for a new OUP series for adults and chants for children for a publisher in Turkey. He is chair-elect of the TESOL interest group Video and Digital Media and works periodically as an English Specialist for the U.S. Department of State.

Follow this link to join the webinar on WizIQ.