Where Is The Creativity In Technology?

“Computers are useless. They only give you answers”
Pablo Picasso

This quote by Pablo Picasso may seem obsolete in the 21st century – but is it?

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How to Be Yourself On Teaching Tube TV.

Another chapter in my creative Edupreneur series

Every once in a while, I emerge from my nerding cave to get a whiff of what my colleagues are up to online. There is never a dull moment. These days it’s particularly exciting. I say ‘nerding cave’, because I am at heart, a reader, writer and researcher, as well as teacher. I write content, blog, plan. I am also writing ebooks and making my way into publishing.

All of this is great, but what about the showmanship, sharing, and great social clout of teaching on YouTube? Perhaps in future I will follow the footsteps of some of my amazing colleagues who embraced YouTube from the start – right now, I’m happy to observe and describe their YouTube exploits.

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“I prefer to entertain people in the hope that they learn, rather than teach people in the hope that they are entertained.” Walt Disney.

Why We need Strategies for Creativity

I came across this quote from Walt Disney recently while reading a favourite book & it immediately reminded me of my adventures in teaching online in the last two years. My goal was to create springboards rather than lessons, per se. In other words, a suitably concocted launching pad is all that’s needed for students to go off on their own linguistic tangents of self-discovery.

Much of this focus was in alignment with my online tribe of Edupreneuring pioneers who ‘walk’ the Disney ‘talk’. My association with George Machlan’s Edupunk movement on WiZiQ was part of a large-scale experiment in reversing overt teaching strategies and allowing learning to be incidental rather than by design.

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