Edutainment and Learning English – What’s it all about?

If you are looking around in the language learning space you have most likely come across the term “edutainment” or “education entertainment” lately. More and more startups in the space are focusing on this way of teaching languages.

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Twitter vocabulary in context

How to use Twitter to learn Vocabulary in Context

Here is an easy way to enhance your vocabulary learning. It is important that when you learn vocabulary you learn it in context. Just cramming the words won’t get you far as our brain needs more information in order to store the learned words more efficiently.

Most vocabulary lists are simply tables with two collums, one side the new vocabulary, the other side the translation. But what we need is the vocabulary in a sentence in order to retain it. And even if you have a book that offers example sentences, those sentences are often constructed and don’t reflect the every day life.

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