Reasons to learn German

Reasons to learn German #3 Doing Business with Germans

To make sure that we are all on the same page, let me say that certainly, most Germans speak decent or even good English and to a lesser degree other foreign languages. However, this doesn’t necessarily has an effect on their willingness to do business in another language.

I think the following quote by former German chancellor Willy Brandt still holds true to a great extend: “If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. If I’m buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen.”

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Reasons to Learn German #1 – 200 million People speak German

Reading how many or better put how few British students took their A levels in German this year, I thought I’d start a series of posts giving some good reasons why studying German might be useful and to do away with some popular but false stereotypes such as German is fairly complicated and difficult to learn.

This also goes along with my new podcast here on Fair Languages, German Hacks, in which I share some quick and dirty strategies of how to hack the German language.

So today, let’s talk about numbers!

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German listening comprehension

3 Quality Resources to train your German Listening Comprehension

When you think about which stations to choose when you want to train your German listening comprehension you must be aware that the broadcast systems are divided into state and private TV and radio.

Everybody living in Germany has to pay a yearly fee for possessing a television and radio. This money along with subventions from the federal government and the regions is given to the public or state TV and radio stations, so that they can concentrate on making quality programmes and don’t depend on getting a maximum of advertising like the private stations depend on.

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