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Bad Economy boosts Sign Ups for German Classes by up to 35%

german classes

Thanks to its fairly well performing economy, at least when compared to the rest of the Europe, Germany has become the place to go for skilled workers in the European Union. Not surprisingly, this has had an effect on the interest for German classes.

According to the Daily Beast the Goethe Institut has seen a significant increase in people taking German classes in Spain, Portugal and Italy. In Spain German is up by 35%, in Portugal 20% and 14% in Italy with local spikes in Naples with 34% or Milan and Turin with 25% increase.

Of course, those students are not interested in learning about Schiller and Goethe. Their aim is to get fluent enough to find a well paying job in Germany. While it seems to be relatively easy to find work in a pizzeria or ice cream shop, you need to have a decent level of German to find better paying jobs that require another skill set.

But there is also a growing number of Europeans who work in Germany in the automotive, agricultural, fashion, arts and education fields as well as a rising group of doctors and lawyers. According to a survey by the Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Germany’s agency that handles all the administrative work related to the job market, the number of Italians and Greeks registered to work in Germany has risen by 22 percent in less than a year.

Needless to say, we need to keep in mind that Germany is struggling under the economic crisis, as well, and we also don’t know if the Eurozone has a future in the form we see it today.

Nevertheless, Germany always has been an economic powerhouse. Therefore, speaking German is an asset that will most likely pay off if you are really looking to either work in Germany or simply work together with German companies that always appreciate to do business in their native language.

via The Daily Beast | Picture via YAKOHL