Babbel Windows 8 App

Babbel offers first Language Learning Apps for Windows 8

Babbel Windows 8 App

Berlin-based language learning startup Babbel is the first provider of language learning applications for the brand new Windows 8 operating system. Babbel was one of the first startups in the language learning space to bring their courses to mobile devices. busuu which just moved to London and raised a Series A funding round was another early adopter of the mobile learning space.

About a year ago Babbel acquired the iPhone department of the software developer Aspirement after the company created the first very successful mobile applications for the language learning startup.

With the addition of the Windows 8 applications, Babbel users can now learn on iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices.

The new apps are available in the Windows Store for all of Babbel’s language offers that is German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Indonesian, Polish, Swedish and Turkish to be precise.

Personally, I have to say that I am far more excited about the Windows 8 launch and especially the Windows Surface than the new iPad Mini. The Surface got some pretty decent reviews, in fact the major drawback for the tech journalists was not the Surface tablet itself but the lack of software compared to the iOS and Android ecosystem.

Looking at the first hands-on videos it seems that the surface makes a great learning device as you have the best of both worlds, a touch interface and a fully functional keyboard. This is a plus for language learners as typing words and phrases on the iPad or an Android tablet with the virtual keyboard can sometimes be a bit tricky.

Of course, all depends on the consumers and how well the new Microsoft operating system will be received. But one day after the official launch there are already thousands of new apps available on the Windows Store and I am sure that competitors like busuu or Hello-Hello are already working on the Windows 8 versions of their language learning applications.