bad grammar

Does Texting equal Bad Grammar?

Editor’s Note: Originally published by VOXXI as Does cell-phone texting equal bad grammar?

Does texting your friends on the phone equal bad grammar? Certainly not. Do not let pseudo scientific studies, carried out by language apprentices at some English departments, fool you into thinking that the language used by an individual to connect with a friend is bad per se.

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spanish idioms

Why Literal Translation of Spanish Idioms sounds Greek to you

spanish idioms

Editor’s Note: Originally published by VOXXI as “Literal translations of idioms – don’t try to figure it out

Language is not logical, and does not have to be: it is an art, not a science. An idiom, for example, is an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements.

If we hear that someone has kicked the bucket we know he has died, and we never stop to think about kicking or buckets. We hear the words together, the idiomatic expression, and we react to them with a meaning that has nothing to do with its constituent elements, bucketkick.

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