Romanagiri is the new Youth Language in India

Romanagri, have you heard of this language? It is a new language used by young people across India. The interesting thing is the evolution of this language is different from the other languages.

Languages traditionally developed through gradual accumulation of words and syntax and spread through the brain and the tongue. Romanagri, a protmanteau of English and Hindi, changes and proliferates via cell phones rather than speech. Romanagri is a natural language among young Indians, but confusing to English language purist.

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Using a Language is Simpler than People Think

Maybe it’s human nature, but people often tend to make things more complex than it actually is. For many years, language scientists have assumed that language is like a Russian nesting dolls, made up of small parts in turn made of smaller parts. A new study done in Cornell suggests language is simpler than they had thought.

Language system deals with words by grouping them into little clumps that are associated with meaning. When these word clumps are arranged in a particular order, it’s simply understood. For example “bread and butter” might be represented as a construction. On the other hand, if we reverse the sequence, it would likely not make any sense.

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english curriculum

New English Curriculum digs deep into the Language aims to raise Standards

A rigorous new English curriculum known as “Learning English in action” is a new k-12 teaching approach introduced in December by a group of educators whose mission is to raise the quality of education for all learners, regardless of their language proficiency.

Headed by School of Education Professor, Kenji Hakuta, and with the involvement of educators across the United States with expertise in disciplinary knowledge, language learning and instructional improvement, the Understanding Language initiative will officially launch a pilot effort in Denver, Charolotte-Mecklenburg, N.C. and Chicago starting in January.

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