About English KISS

English KISS PodcastThis continuing series shall share  practical and simple methods for learning English with little effort. Easy is not a goal as “easy” usually ends up being sloppy or less than what you truly need.

The authors do not wish to make you into English teachers, rather we will suggest many (over 100) tried methods for improving your learning.

Each will take some effort to apply, but we only expect you to keep those that feel right for you. After a year of following these postings, you should have 10 new habits that make continued learning seem effortless.


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About George Machlan

George Machlan is a columnist and ESL editor at Fair Languages. He is a “self-appointed” English coach at My ESL Friends, does not adhere to any traditional form of instruction and is purposely anti-authoritarian in teaching styles. While not creative he is a master innovator and has brought much of current science in how the brain learns to his own method called “Karaoke English”.